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PLEX GEL Collection (6 Colors: PL01 - PL06)

PLEX GEL Collection (6 Colors: PL01 - PL06)

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PLEX GEL, also known as the new generation Poly Gel.
2Guys Nail is proud to be a pioneer in launching the premium Poly Extension Gel product line.

- Color:

  • PL01 Crystal Clear: Offers absolute clarity like no other Poly Gel before.
  • PL02 Bridal Veil (Milky White)
  • PL03 Blush Petal (Nude Pink)
  • PL04 Fuzzy Peach (Peachy Nude)
  • PL05 Sun-kiss Nude (Nude Tan)
  • PL06 Pink Peony (Light Pink)

- New Formula: Our innovative formula allows studios and nail salons to create long nails without any unpleasant odor. 

-The no-running property of PLEX GEL makes sculpting easier than ever.
- Durability and Hardness: With 90% hardness compared to traditional acrylic, PLEX GEL is more durable and reliable. File with confidence knowing that your extensions will maintain their strength and integrity.
- Versatility: Suitable for use on natural nails, traditional tips, paper forms, or dual forms.
- Health Benefits: Healthier for both nails and nail technicians, PLEX GEL reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes. PLEX GEL produces significantly less dust compared to ordinary poly gels, ensuring a cleaner, more pleasant working environment.
- Easy Removal: Designed to be easy to soak off, that means PLEX GEL is healthier for nails.

Elevate your nail art with PLEX GEL, the future of Poly Gel technology.


PLEX GEL Use Instructions

1. Nail Preparation:
   - Begin with standard nail prepping and apply 2Guys Acid Free Primer.

2. Base Gel Application:
   - Apply a thin layer of  2Guys Base Gel. Cure under an LED nail lamp for 30 seconds.

3. Applying PLEX GEL:
   - Use an orange wood stick and rubbing alcohol to pick up a small bead of PLEX GEL. The size of the bead should correspond to the desired length and thickness of the nail.
   - Place the bead on the nail.

4. Sculpting PLEX GEL:
   - Dip a gel brush in rubbing alcohol to use as a slip solution.
   - Sculpt the bead of PLEX GEL to the desired form and shape, paying attention to the cuticle area to ensure a smooth and even application.
   - Flash cure each nail for 5 seconds in the LED nail lamp to set the shape.

5. Repeat and Cure:
   - Repeat the application and flash curing process for each nail on the hand.
   - After completing all fingers, cure the entire hand under the LED nail lamp for a full 60 seconds.
   - Wipe the tacky layer from the nails using lint-free wipes and rubbing alcohol.

6. Shaping and Finishing:
   - Shape and file the nails to your desired style.
   - Finish with a gel top coat, gel polish, or any nail design of your choice.

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